Programmes with built in follow ups and measures of success designed around business needs in key focus areas which avoid the standard one size fits all. There is no one size fits all.  Some examples of work conducted:

Coaching as a Manager
Raising team and individual performance through a coaching approach from the leader of the team.

Impact and Influence
Understanding what and who you want to influence and how to go about it

Managing Performance – The Appraisal
Equipping managers with the know how of turning an annual process into a reality and into an integral part of their role in driving improved performance through developing their own skills and behaviours

Recruitment, Selection & Interviewing
Becoming an effective interviewer to assess true candidate skill and competence against job requirements

New Manager Skills Workshops
Either as a refresher or for equipping newly appointed managers with the key areas of expertise needed for managing a team

Delivering Feedback
Skills and behaviours needed to deliver quality and fair feedback with positive lasting results

Redundancy Coaching
Individual and Team Coaching – helping to navigate through the difficult period of redundancy enabling individuals to achieve their maximum after leaving

Re-Building Post Redundancy
Managing the Survivors – Re-building and re-energising your remaining teams